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Nooky Gossip 7: SILK ALL-IN-ONE MINERAL PAINT!! Fusion Delivery. In the Spotlight. Best Dang Wax Tips!

Nooky Gossip 7: SILK ALL-IN-ONE MINERAL PAINT!! Fusion Delivery. In the Spotlight. Best Dang Wax Tips!
Shabby Nook
Now Stocking Silk All In One Mineral Paint!
I'm so happy to announce we are now official stockists for the incredible and brand new Silk All In One Mineral Paint!
This new line of furniture paint has been developed by Dixie Belle Paint Company and is compatible with other products and accesories from the Dixie Belle range. It's a revolutionary LUXE look and feel furniture paint with a soft low sheen finish and has a built in stain blocker and primer, a built in top coat, is UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant and contains no VOC's!
Silk All in One Mineral Paint is available in 20 (yes, 20!) brand new colours in gorgeous soft tones based around 'The Hamptons'. It can even be used outdoors and is very hard wearing and easy to clean. It has already hit Australian shores and it's getting a big thumbs up from the Aussies!
It's due to arrive in store mid September and in celebration I'm offering all Shabby Nook customers 10% off any pre-orders of Silk All in One Mineral Paint made throughout August! Click below to pre-order and to read my quick and easy how to guide! 
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It's simply the
Best. Dang. Wax.
Its name may not be subtle but it's honest! This stuff truly is the best! I share my tips and tricks to getting the very best out of this ingenious wax,  as well as pics of some gorgeous finished pieces over on my blog. Click the button below to read how to use Best Dang Wax to create the best dang looking piece of furniture! 
In the Spotlight!
In this week's spotlight is Facebook Group member Janette McKay! Janette created this stunning blue sideboard with a little help from Dixie Belle! Janette stippled together Caribbean Blue and Pacific from Dixie Belle's Metallic Moonshine range, and Amethyst and Antebellum from Dixie Belle's Chalk Mineral Paint range! Janette says 'the best thing about creating this with Dixie Belle products was the ease of being   able   to    blend   the    moonshine
 metallics into the chalk paint. I used a large flat stippling brush to achieve the effect.' A big, shabby well done to Janette, you've done a fab job with this one! It's absolutely gorgeous! If you're looking for design inspo, tips and tricks from fellow painty people, click the button below to join our private Facebook Group today! Maybe you'll be next to be featured 'in the spotlight'!
Stock Update
This week we are taking a very small delivery of Fusion Mineral Paint
We can't yet give any dates as to when specific colours will be back in stock so keep checking our website for stock updates and to purchase.
SNEAK PEAK: if you would like to be one of the first to know when it has arrived and what colours are available, join our Facebook Group, I always let our group members know first!
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