Nooky Gossip Weekly Newsletter

Nooky Gossip 24! Christmas Edition! Dereks Tree! Christmas Crackers! Kouki Launch!
A huge THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a Painty Peeps Pen this year! We originally planned to donate 10% of proceeds from pen sales to local charity, Derek's Tree, and then match the amount raised to double the total donation. But then we decided, nah, we want to do more than that, we're going to donate ALL of the proceeds from Painty Peeps Pen sales this year AND double that amount with a matched donation from Shabby Nook!! 
Nooky Gossip 20: Trendy Transfers! Fusion Faves! Charity Pens! Gift Vouchers! NEW Dixie Belle Stencils and Coffee Themed In The Spotlight!
Adding a transfer to your furniture can be a really simple task with such rewarding results! There are lots of beautiful designs out there and they can transofrm your furniture to give it a boho, shabby chic, modern or vintage vibe. Here at Shabby Nook we recommend Re-Design With Prima Transfers and their fab Transfer Tool - they have so many designs to choose from and you can use them whole or cut them into smaller pieces!
Nooky Gossip 13: Meet the Shabby Nook Team! Brand New Orange Gold Posh Chalk Pigment! Painty Peeps Pens!
There are some very important players in the world of Shabby Nook that I would like to introduce you all to over the next couple of weeks! These are the people that help keep Shabby Nook up and running and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. Their profiles will be featured on our social media too, so to find out more make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram!
Nooky Gossip 8: TOP TIPS - keeping your pots pristine! Painty Peeps Pens! In the Spotlight Lockdown Project!

Pining for pristine paint pots?

Messy, crusty, stuck on paint lids are the bane of a painty person's life.
But no fear, Shereena is here to share her top tips in keeping your paint pots, and other accessories in tip top condition!

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