Nooky Gossip Weekly Newsletter

Nooky Gossip 18: Creative Christmas Ideas! Autentico Decoupage Glue! Metallics! ReDesign by Prima Transfers! WooduBend Decorative Moulds! In The Spotlight! Gift Vouchers! Gifts and Homeware!
This week we bring you some ideas for how to bling up your baubles and tart up tatty decorations ready for the festive season! You can tailor and tweak the colour scheme and finishes to your own preference making your decorations unique to your home!
Nooky Gossip 6: Holiday vibes - with DIXIE BELLE in SANDBAR, AUTENTICO GOLD LEAF, WOODUBEND and MORE!
I hope you get to spend some time having fun and getting away with your family and loved ones this summer, whether it's a seaside escape or camping in the woods. Our trip to the seaside has inspired me to use sandy yellows and shiny golds in my projects - I'm not quite ready for my sunny summer holiday to end!
Nooky Gossip 4: Top Painting Tips! WooduBend and In the Spotlight!
During the warmer months of the year, paint drying too quickly can be a real pain and cause those pesky brush strokes to show on your finished product. It's so frustrating! But don't worry! Shereena is here to give you some tips to get a flawless finish and alleviate the pain of visible brush strokes!

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