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Nooky Gossip 6: Holiday vibes - with DIXIE BELLE in SANDBAR, AUTENTICO GOLD LEAF, WOODUBEND and MORE!

Nooky Gossip 6: Holiday vibes - with DIXIE BELLE in SANDBAR, AUTENTICO GOLD LEAF, WOODUBEND and MORE!
Shabby Nook
Hooray for Holibobs!
Last week we went off on our family holibobs! This photo sums up how hard it is to get a nice family photo when you have a stroppy teenager to contend with. This is the best I've got and I'm not even in it! There is someone else missing from the photo - my eldest, Lydia, who is now too cool for Butlins. We missed her and I want to give her a big shout out for looking after everbody's orders, doing the packing and wrapping, and doing a fab job of holding down the shabby fort whilst we took the kiddos away. The holiday wasn't quite what we had planned pre-COVID, but it turned out a fun family trip to Butlins was just what we needed to recharge the batteries! I hope you get to spend some time having fun and getting away with your family and loved ones this summer, whether it's a seaside escape or camping in the woods. Our trip to the seaside has inspired me to use sandy yellows and shiny golds in my projects - I'm not quite ready for my sunny summer holiday to end!
You Are Gold!
This week I am googly eyed for gold leaf! Autentico Metallic Gold Leaf is ideal for adding sparkle to picture frames, furniture (see our in the spotlight post below for inspo!) and other craft type projects.  Add extra aging by pairing it with Autentico Metallic Leaf Adhesive. Finish and protect your design with Whitson's Universal Lacquer which is specially formulated to keep your metallic leaf in tip top condition!
On the Beach!
I can't get out of holiday mode - and Dixie Belle Paint in Sand Bar is bringing back memories of sun, sea and, of course... sand! Get your hands on this summery  colour and be instantly transported back to your favourite warm, sunny and relaxing beach holiday! Bliss! Keep chalk paint from drying too quickly by spraying with this fine mist spray bottle. Sand Bar is also a fab paint to mix with dark colours and create your own shade!
It's Back!!!!
FINALLY! Grime Cutter is back in stock! This is THE BEST cleaner out there! It cleans, degreases and disinfects. It is exceptional at prepping furniture - just spray, wait 45 seconds and wipe with a damp cloth - no waiting for furniture to dry! We have enough stock for the rest of the year as it's so popular! We also now supply to trade - email us for further info!
Get Fancy!
Add some extra oomph to furniture, frames, objet d’art, glassware, and many other everyday items with WoodUbend. Coils and corners add those extra special details to a piece that really make it stand it as something unique! If you haven't used it before - no fear - check out the step by step guide here. You'll be adding fancy features to your projects in no time!
In the Spotlight!
Wow, wow, wow! This week Alison Burgess Jones's beautiful blue and gold drinks cabinet is the subject of our in the spotlight post! Alison shared this absolutely gorgeous pic on our private Facebook Group and I think it looks fab! What a stylish cabinet fit for any home! Alison used Dixie Belle paint in Bunker Hill Blue, Slick Stick and Howdy Do Hemp Oil to create this look. She finished off the feet in gold leaf and the hardware has been zhuzhed up with with gold wax. A stunning piece of furniture to display your very best drink bottles and glasses in. Everyone loves this captivating cabinet! 
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