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Nooky Gossip 32! Kids Rooms Interior Design Trends! Fusion Mineral Paint! Tones for Tots! Dixie Belle Chalk Paints! Harry Potter Chest Of Drawers!
A silver lining to come out of all the extra time we have spent at home over the last 12 months is that we have learnt how to make the most out of the space we have! We’ve been looking at some modern trends for making kids' rooms more functional and entertaining spaces.

Kids need their own space to play, work and rest. Creating zones helps to encourage them to use different areas for different activities.
Nooky Gossip 18: Creative Christmas Ideas! Autentico Decoupage Glue! Metallics! ReDesign by Prima Transfers! WooduBend Decorative Moulds! In The Spotlight! Gift Vouchers! Gifts and Homeware!
This week we bring you some ideas for how to bling up your baubles and tart up tatty decorations ready for the festive season! You can tailor and tweak the colour scheme and finishes to your own preference making your decorations unique to your home!
Nooky Gossip 16! Painted Pumpkins! Fusion Mineral Cling On S30! Dixie Belle Silk All in One Paint Sample Sticks!
There is a pumpkin theme to this week’s Nooky Gossip (or should that be Spoooooky Gossip?)! Whilst getting creative carving pumpkins may be fun, not all of us should be trusted with a sharp knife in our hands! But there is more to pumpkin decorating than cutting out some triangle eyes and a jagged mouth – painting your pumpkins takes them to a whole other level!
Nooky Gossip 8: Painting fabric - from chairs to blinds! Whitson's stock updates!
Ever seen an unloved piece of upholstered furniture that was just crying out to be restored, but you passed up the opportunity because who wants the time and expense of re-upholstering? Want to know a secret? It doesn't always need re-upholstering - you can paint the fabric instead and create a one of a kind piece that also saves you time and money! WIN WIN!!
Nooky Gossip 8: TOP TIPS - keeping your pots pristine! Painty Peeps Pens! In the Spotlight Lockdown Project!

Pining for pristine paint pots?

Messy, crusty, stuck on paint lids are the bane of a painty person's life.
But no fear, Shereena is here to share her top tips in keeping your paint pots, and other accessories in tip top condition!
Nooky Gossip 5: Get Crafty with Fusion Paint Pours, Pastels, Stencils & Transfers!
I painted these unique canvases using the super easy, fun and effective Fusion Paint Pour Method - proving that their paint isn't just for furniture. To find out more, discover what products I used and watch a quick demo video, head over to my blog now! Then create your own masterpieces and share how you got on...

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