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About WoodUbend & How To Use

WoodUBend mouldings, trims and appliqués can be adhered to just about any surface fast and easy with any good quality wood glue.

The mouldings can also be moulded to any contour, with the help of a little heat from a hairdryer or heat gun. As soon as the moulding warm up, they become flexible and can be bent into any direction sliced with a sharp knife or cut with scissors, yes its that easy.

WoodUBend mouldings have all the properties of wood so they can be drilled, stained, painted, sanded and varnished. But unlike wood they are extremely light weight. 

How To Apply WoodUBend Mouldings


wood u bend mouldings

PLEASE NOTE: Don’t try to bend your applique without warming it with a hair dryer first as it will break.

Step One:

wood u bend moulding close up

Before applying any glue, Heat your Woodubend,

Step Two:

gluing applique

Use a good quality wood glue to adhere the moulding to your project. Apply glue to the back of the molding and press it down gently. If some of the glue oozes out, wipe off excess with a q-tip or damp cloth

Step Three:

warm applique pic

Warm your applique again as you are gently pressing it on. This is especially important if you are applying to a curved surface as your moulding will become flexible again. The heat helps the moulding to bind to the surface. Clean away any excess wood glue. 

Step Four:

sanding applique edges

When the glue is dry, you can sand the edges of your molding. Be sure to blow the sawdust away before painting.

finish applique design

All done!

Now you’re ready to paint, stain, varnish, distress, crackle glaze, decoupage or any other technique you choose.


Please be aware that WoodUbend is a delicate product and can be easily damaged if not handled carefully. We take the utmost care to ensure that the products have been carefully wrapped and packaged to protect and prevent damages during transit. When unpacking your order, take care whilst unwrapping them from their packaging to avoid damages and disappointment.

We do not refund, exchange or replace any WoodUbend products in the instance of breakages.


The good news is they are super easy to fix

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