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Simple whitewash / Liming effect on furniture

Whitewash is a great technique to create that beach/ cottage vibe and it only takes a few minutes to do! This tutorial, from the founders of Fusion Mineral Paint, will show you how it's done. The great thing about this method is that it's ideal for beginners as well as the pros.



How it's done


By simply adding more water to your milk paint mix to receive a thinner consistency. Approximately two parts water to one part milk paint .

STEP 2. 

Apply a coat of the milk paint to your surface. You can see as the paint dries it becomes more opaque. 

white wash

STEP 3. 

Once dry, lightly sand the surface to smooth it out. 

STEP 4. 

Apply the Fusion Mineral Liming Wax to increase the look of the whitewash effect. Or for a less intense white was finish use the clear wax or hemp oil.

STEP 5. 

To see more colours come through, pass your sand paper over the surface one more time. This will give it more dimension. 

Optional: If you're applying the milk paint to previously painted furniture you may need to add the bonding agent into your mix.


There are so many other looks that you can achieve using milk paint!

get the look card

Download the free PDF guide to preview the full Milk Paint by Fusion colour range as well as lots of information on how to prep the paint for different looks!


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