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Nooky Gossip 57! Furniture Wax Top Tips! NEW Thing-a-ma-jig and Clean as a Whistle from Belles & Whistles! Enduro-Var Offer! NEW Fusion Colours in Stock! Dixie Belle Fan Chart! Brilliant Zibra Brushes!
Furniture waxes help protect your furniture and coloured waxes add some dimension to your pieces. We’ve put together a few top tips so you can get waxing with confidence!
Nooky Gossip 53! NEW Fusion Colours! NEW Posh Chalk Pigments! Zibra Brushes! Ibiza Sunset Nest of Tables!
Fusion Mineral Paint are releasing 11 stunning new colours! The inspiration behind these beautiful new furniture paint colours is the romance of the rolling countryside. Fusion Mineral Paint's new colours evoke whimsy and serenity. They are soft and muted, and have both warm and cool shades.
Nooky Gossip 43! Recycled Packaging! Fusion PDF Guides! NEW Fusion Milk Products! Fusion Chip Brushes are Back! Posh Chalk Pigments Restock! Upcycled Planters!
We are becoming increasingly aware of the need for us all to be more eco-conscious – and here at Shabby Nook we are looking into ways to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the world. It will be an area we always look to improve. We already re-use boxes that our deliveries arrive in by cutting up them up to use as box toppers in our own parcels, and all the packaging we use in our deliveries is reused and/or recyclable. But one thing we haven’t done yet is shout about it and make sure our customers know this!
Nooky Gossip 40! Conscious Cubby Interview! CUREious Pink is Back! Restock of Fusion Mineral Paint's Testers, Metallic Wax, Metallic Paint and All in One Stain and Finishing Oil! Local customer appointments! Stunning Dixie Belle Transfer Transformation!
Recently I jumped at the chance to speak with Lowenna Insular about her brand-new upcycled furniture marketplace, Conscious Cubby! Lowenna designed the platform exclusively for professional small business furniture sellers in the UK. I’m REALLY excited about this new way of selling furniture and for customers to have a central platform they can go on to find quality, bespoke upcycled furniture. 
Nooky Gossip 35: Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner Lands in the UK! Prep Your Furniture for Painting! General Finishes Update! NEW Dixie Belle Transfers! Custom Fusion Mix In The Spotlight!
We’re now stocking Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner – yes it is finally here in the UK! This stuff is perfect for prepping furniture for painting (please note it should not be used as a common household cleaner or on metal) so this week, let’s talk about prepping!

Your finished piece will only be as good as the base you start with. The type of prep you need to do will depend on the piece you are working on. When working with used furniture it’s typically been loved for quite a few years i.e., it’s been scratched, it’s started peeling and it’s dirty.
Nooky Gossip 34! Spring Into Action! Fusion Mineral Paint Pressed Fern! Fusion Glazes! Outdoor Decor Paint Inspo! In The Spotlight - Less Is More!
Spring is just around the corner and as the social distancing measures become increasingly more relaxed we will finally be able to have friends and family round for garden parties again!! It's time to pimp up your garden or outdoor space ready to entertain visitors or to just relax in the sun.

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