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Nooky Gossip 50! Dixie Belle Stencils! General Finishes Brushed Enamel! General Finishes Gallon Tins! General Finishes Pre-Stain Conditioner! Belles & Whistles Transfer! Fusion Stain! Torso Lamp Makeover!
Needing a break from the footy? Get some peace back in your life with Shabby Nook! Today is National Upcycling Day – what better day is there to be inspired to get going on that next project! Pick up your paint brush and get creative! Enter our latest giveaway on Facebook and Instagram to get some new goodies (keep reading for more info)!
Nooky Gossip 49: Summer Painting Tips! General Finishes Extender! Mist Bottle! Brush Soap! Pre-Stain Conditioner! Little House of Steffy!
Tips for keeping your cool whilst painting - including using additives, ideal temperature, misting, and more!
Nooky Gossip 45! Topcoats! General Finishes! Zibra Brushes! New Look Website!
We stock (and use!) General Finishes Enduro-Var, Flat Out Flat and High Performance Topcoats at Shabby Nook. They are all excellent products that provide amazing durability and protection to your pieces. But which topcoat should you use? We have collated some of the main points about each product to help you decide!
Nooky Gossip 38! Garden Parties! Spring Sale Continues! Finnabair Metallic Flakes! Gliding Glue! General Finishes! Royal Mail Tracking! Deep Sea Cabinet Transformation In the Spotlight!
All our paint brands are suitable for use outside and are perfect for adding colour to your next garden party. And as Easter approaches this weekend and we are finally allowed to have a few friends and family members in our gardens, what better time to throw your first garden party of the year?! You may have already freshened up your outdoor furniture but what about those extra pieces that make your garden décor pop?
Nooky Gossip 37! Spring Sale! Decoupage! NEW Dixie Belle Decoupage Range! NEW Dixie Belle Chalk Paint Fan Deck! General Finishes Update! Ercol Sideboard In The Spotlight!
Decoupage is an ancient technique for adding faux hand painted finishes to your home furniture and home décor. The word decoupage comes from the French verb découper, 'to cut out'. For a traditional true decoupage look the decoupage should be translucent enough it appears as those it has been painstakingly hand painted. It’s an age-old technique for cheating artistic skills!
Nooky Gossip 35: Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner Lands in the UK! Prep Your Furniture for Painting! General Finishes Update! NEW Dixie Belle Transfers! Custom Fusion Mix In The Spotlight!
We’re now stocking Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner – yes it is finally here in the UK! This stuff is perfect for prepping furniture for painting (please note it should not be used as a common household cleaner or on metal) so this week, let’s talk about prepping!

Your finished piece will only be as good as the base you start with. The type of prep you need to do will depend on the piece you are working on. When working with used furniture it’s typically been loved for quite a few years i.e., it’s been scratched, it’s started peeling and it’s dirty.

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