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We specialise in hand painted furniture. Here you will find a small selection of what we have available, for sale.  

We only use the best products available. The paint market is always developing and we test all the latest paints and accessories to ensure our skills and finishes are the best they possibly can be. Enabling us to offer you, the customer, the latest trends, different finishes and quality.

Time and time again we hear paint companies ranting on about no prep needed, high coverage, easy to do, just slap it on, blah blah blah.....The truth is all the paints out there do cover a couple of these claims but certainly not all of them. And my biggest issue being...... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NO PREP!  Any professional painter will tell you this.  All furniture requires varying levels of prep and this comes down to individual pieces of Furniture and the life it has lived. 

We do like to use a range of products and will dip in and out depending on the product and look we want to achieve.

We can arrange UK wide delivery for around £55 or available for collection instore 

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