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Free UK Shipping on paint orders over £65! use code: FREESHIP65
Free Shipping UK shipping on paint orders over £65! use code: FREESHIP65

Let me introduce you to my business coach

Jen has been my business coach for over 2 years now and I can honestly say my business wouldn't be what it is today without her guidance. There is so much value in the Free video series and them alone could make a huge difference.

She only offers this opportunity once a year and starts real soon! It will give you a chance to have a peek at what I've been learning.

Sign up today so you don't miss the first video! If you want to have a chat or ask me any questions, drop me an email, I'm very happy to have a natter! As I'm sure you know, talking is my most favourite hobby 😆 Shereena x

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Established since 2013 Shereena owner of Shabby Nook is an industry pro, advisor to the trade and helps customers  like you every day to create, beautiful and unique Furniture.

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