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Nooky Gossip Weekly Newsletter

Nooky Gossip 65: NEW ReDesign with Prima Transfers & Stencils! Dixie Belle Patina! Kouki News!
Look what we've got! New rub on Transfers and Stick & Style Stencils from Redesign with Prima!
We are loving the new transfers - they are stunning but also really flexible in how they are used - the smaller designs can be paired with larger designs or used for craft projects. They are designed to be cut out and placed wherever you want meaning you can make your own unique look! Check out our Redesign by Prima Transfer collection here!
Nooky Gossip 64! NEW Releases from Dixie Belle and Posh Chalk! Patina Paint! Posh Chalk Stencils Autumn Release! Silk Sample Packs! Shop News and Workshops!
Dixie Belle Paint Company's Patina Paints have made it to the UK after being reformulated for the UK market! We are still waiting for them to reformulate the Blue Spray and Patina Guard - but everything else in the range can now be pre-ordered at Shabby Nook! We expect to receive the items instore mid-October.
Nooky Gossip 63! Fusion Milk Paint and Autentico End Of Summer Sale!
We've extended our amazing End of Summer Sale and it's better than ever! You can now get a huge 30% off our entire Fusion Milk Paint and instore Autentico paint and accessories ranges with no minimum spend! Just enter code ENDOFSUMMER at checkout to get this cheeky discount! Be quick, sale ends 1st October 2021!
Nooky Gossip 62! End of Summer Sale Fusion Milk Paint and Autentico! Posh Chalk Infusor! NEW Dixie Belle Fall Autumn Colours!
To give summer a good send off and welcome in the autumn we have launched our exclusive end of summer sale today! Enjoy a massive 30% off Fusion Milk Paint and our entire instore Autentico Range when you spend over £100! This is a limited time offer - sale ends on 24th September 2021.
Nooky Gossip 61! Big POSH CHALK News! General Finishes! Highlights from the Furniture Paint Conference! Dixie Belle Trinket Boxes!

The UK's First Furniture Painting Business Conference took place on 3rd - 5th September 2021 and it was A-MA-ZING! I had the best time hanging out with like-minded people, learning new things and motivating each other to shoot for the stars when it comes to our businesses!

The conference included workshops, demonstrations and business support. I attended to represent Shabby Nook, make our big announcement (see below!) and to showcase General Finishes products (and of course, to have a good time with my favourite kind of people!) Find out more about what we did, including me discovering my inner Nigella, over on our blog!

Nooky Gossip 60! Autentico Autumn Inspo! NEW Dixie Belle Fall Release! Clean As A Whistle Brush Cleaner! Posh Chalk Stencils! Posh Chalk Decoupage Papers!
Have you noticed a change in the air recently? It's definitely feeling cooler - autumn is already on its way! And one of the best things about autumn is getting warm and cosy - and that doesn’t just have to be limited to your clothing! You can bring an autumnal feel to your home through your decor and design.

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