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Nooky Gossip 5: Get Crafty with Fusion Paint Pours, Pastels, Stencils & Transfers!

Nooky Gossip 5: Get Crafty with Fusion Paint Pours, Pastels, Stencils & Transfers!
Shabby Nook
Does anyone else see boobies?
This cheeky question was the first response I got when I posted this picture in our Facebook group! I have to admit I couldn't see it at first but once I had it pointed out to me I couldn't stop seeing them! If you're struggling, here's a hint, look at paintings on the left and right... and they're pretty abstract! 
I painted these unique canvases using the super easy, fun and effective Fusion Paint Pour Method - proving that their paint isn't just for furniture. To find out more, discover what products I used and watch a quick demo video, head over to my blog now! Then create your own masterpieces and share how you got on in the Furniture Painting Hub - With Shabby Nook Facebook group! I can't wait to see what they look like! Who knows what images our group members might spot in your abstract paintings? And of course, photos with your pets sneaking into shot are always welcome!
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In the Spotlight!
Following on nicely from our paint pour post above, friend of Shabby Nook and member of the Facebook Group, Michelle Hill, is in the spotlight this week for painting the beautiful and crafty creations in the above photo! Michelle used the paint pour method to make these one of a kind and super stylish matching drawers and canvases! Don’t they look fab?!

Michelle says ‘This paint pour was actually great fun to do, because my other half and I had a bit of a competition to see whose canvas came out best. We did it one evening and made it into a 'couple's paint pour' with some giggles and a glass of wine. He's an engineer so insisted on using a syringe and I took a less technical approach and did a dirty pour.’ Well we think both canvases look amazing – we can’t pick a winner! And the matching drawers are the icing on the cake!

You can see what else Michelle, and our other Facebook group members have been creating by clicking the below button to join us!
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Why not get crafty with some transfers from Re-design by Prima? They are so easy to use and can be used on furniture or craft projects, large or small! The detail on them is exceptional - they look handpainted! Use whole or cut into smaller transfers. To see the range click below! 
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Water Soluble Pastels!
It's time to get out the pastels and get arty!
These pastels offer the creaminess of oil pastels, but are also water soluble! Use them dry or grab up your favourite brush and add water for unique, dreamy effects. Use on heavy weight or water colour paper to create jaw dropping art!
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Stick & Style Stencil Rolls!
Want to add something arty to a bigger project? You can add leopard spots, dots, trianges and arrows in just one swipe using the Stick & Style stencils from Re.Design by Prima! They are flexible, easy to use AND re-usable! Fabulous for working on a large surface areas and can even be used on irregular or oddly shaped surfaces! 
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