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Nooky Gossip 47: How To Paint a Blanket Box! Grime Cutter Trade Special! Autentico Update! Shabby Nook Affiliate Upcycle Saturdays!

Nooky Gossip 47: How To Paint a Blanket Box! Grime Cutter Trade Special! Autentico Update! Shabby Nook Affiliate Upcycle Saturdays!
How to Paint a Blanket Box
Recently I have gone back to my roots and got stuck into some furniture painting! I restored this large oak blanket box (being expertly modelled below by Milo!) and painted it a gorgeous olive colour and added a bird and floral design transfer. That sounds pretty simple but if you had seen (and smelt!) the state of the blanket box you’d understand how much work went into it in the prep stage so I thought it would be a good time to share a quick ‘how to’ with you all.
As it was filthy, I started off by giving it a good wash and scrub with Grime Cutter. I then washed it again! I gave it a light scuff sand all over with a fine sanding pad and wiped away and hoovered up the dust. The inside was treated with Dixie Belle BOSS as it has a component that blocks odours to prevent anymore nasty smells.

I wanted to leave the natural wood colour on the top of the box, so I stripped it using Bio-Strip and a flat scraper. I then sanded it, first with a sanding sheet then with a fine sanding pad.
I painted the body of the box inside and out with Hampton Olive from Dixie Belle’s Silk All in One Mineral Paint Range. This gave fantastic coverage and a fab finish. I cut out elements from the Elegance and Flowers transfers from Redesign with Prima and placed them in my own design. For more info and tips on applying transfers check out our blog post here.

The whole box, including the lid, was then sealed with General Finishes High Performance Topcoat in Flat – this super durable topcoat protects the paint work AND treats the raw wood top without staining or yellowing.

To enhance some of the details I applied Best Dang Wax in Black using a Dixie Belle Value Chip Brush which has wispy bits that are fab for create soft, gentle shading effect. I also went over some of the details in the transfer with Posh Chalk Pigment to give a hand finished bespoke look.
All brass wear was scrubbed clean. The chain had seen better days, so I gave it a good scrub and applied Posh Chalk Patina in Byzantine Gold to bring it up a little bit.

I’m so happy with how the blanket box turned out and I wish I had a bit more time to paint! If you’re interested in the chest or want to take a closer look at the pics it is currently for sale at Shabby Nook.
Trade Special!
Do you love Grime Cutter as much as us? Furniture Painters can easily get through a bottle a month of this amazing cleaner! So we have put together a super special offer for our customers - a 6 month supply (that's 6 full size bottles) for just £55 AND we're throwing in FREE shipping for UK customers - saving you over £30!! This product is highly recommended by Shabby Nook!
Autentico Update!
Just a quick update on how we’re running our Autentico product line. We have a limited range of Autentico products that we carry in store and you can buy these on the website. For any colours or sizes not listed please contact us directly and we are very happy to order in any Autentico products we don't carry in store. Delivery time is 5-10 days as it comes from Ireland.
This week we welcome another new Shabby Nook Affiliate to the family, Sophie Anderson from Upcycle Saturdays! We have partnered together to showcase the wonderful world of upcycling - welcome to the Shabby Nook Family, Sophie!
Sophie is also an active member of our Facebook Group and often shares her transformations, knowledge and experience with the group. She’s an amazing upcycler and creates dreamy pieces like this dark mahogany sideboard that she transformed into a gorgeous pale, creamy, grey green by priming it, painting it with Fusion Mineral Paint in Linen and sealing with Flat Out Flat Top Coat by General Finishes. This was her first time using the colour Linen and she loves it! She describes it as ‘beige with a greeny undertone, more green than putty but more cream than lichen’ and says that the photo doesn’t really do this gorgeous colour justice. The key to getting this piece looking so perfect was all the extensive prep to prevent bleed through and fix problem areas.
Keep an eye out to see what else Sophie makes using Shabby Nook products! And join the Facebook Group to see what our members are up to and get inspired!
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