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Creating a concrete look with Milk Paint by Fusion

Creating a concrete look with Milk Paint by Fusion

The incredibly versatile Fusion Milk Paint  for furniture gives you limitless possibilities of looks that you can achieve. One of the looks I especially love is the faux concrete effect, it’s achieved so well with this new milk paint formula that I just couldn’t wait to share it with you all!

In just a few simple steps you can transform any ordinary piece of furniture to something extraordinary!!

milk paint bags

How to achieve an authentic concrete look with Fusion Milk Paint

To prep, add a coat of Fusion Ultra Grip

Wait 12 hours for the Ultra Grip to dry.

Apply a base layer of any Fusion Mineral Paint colour. We recommend ash to give it depth and that look of real concrete. The Milk Paint adheres very well to Fusion Mineral Paint, so any of the colours from this collection would work!

While the base coat is drying (roughly 30 minutes) mix up your colour choice of milk paint… again, to really achieve the concrete look we would suggest using the Gotham Grey.

Loosely mix it with the whisk for 15 seconds - this is to intentionally not smooth out the mix… the lumpier the better!

Apply the paint with a paint brush in a crosshatch motion in all directions creating texture.

crosshatch paint application

Now leave to dry.

Using Milk Paints Hotel Robe (bright white) and Little Black Dress (jet black), spatter from a paint brush onto the surface leaving little specks of paint. Then take a plastic bag and gently dab onto the surface to blend.

For the final touches add the gorgeous pearl wax which will bring a soft sheen. Buff with seal wool for an increase sheen.

milk painting effects

There are so many other looks that you can achieve using milk paint!

milk paint colour card

Download the free PDF guide to preview the full Milk Paint by Fusion colour range as well as lots of information on how to prep the paint for different looks!


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