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How to use Dixie Belle Paint Company's Best Dang Wax

What is Best Dang Wax? 

Dixie Belle Best Dang Wax - A revolutionary water based wax product which can be used on a painted surface like Dixie Belle's Chalk & Mineral Paint but also can be used over other types of chalk or mineral paint too. Seal and protect your work. Create fab faux finishes or just add a little more luster to your finished furniture.  Dixie Belle have formulated their wax and top coats to interchange with each other. A Revolutionary Water based Wax where wax CAN be painted over. 

A trendy kitchen update using Fusion Mineral Paint
Find out how I painted this kitchen using Fusion Mineral Paint turning it into a super duper trendy kitchen, I've linked all the products used too to make it easy for you to purchase all the things you need!

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