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Fusion Mineral Paint isn't just for furniture! How to make your own art work

Fusion Mineral Paint isn't just for furniture! How to make your own art work

Feeling creative and want to create your own unique piece of art for your home like the canvases in the photo below? You can!

Read my easy step-by-step guide and watch the demo video below to find out how!

 You'll need the following supplies to get started:


Step 1: PREP!

Cover your workspace with plastic sheeting - this is a fun but messy method of making artwork so don't miss this step! You may also want to wear some protective clothing including rubber gloves.


Step 2: MIX IT UP!

Put some pouring resin in a cup.

Add a couple of drops of your chosen Fusion Mineral Paint to tint the resin.

If desired, add a couple of drops of cell enhancer to increase the separation (the cell enhancer makes those pretty, separated circular patterns). You can do this for all the colours, or just some of them. This is your design and your choice!

Repeat this process for your different colours.




Pour each cup of colour one at time on your canvas in a swirly pattern.


Step 4: Spread!

Take the stick and slide it over the paint left to right and then top to bottom, moving the paint around.


Step 5: Tilting time!

It's time to get messy! Lift up and tilt the canvas at different angles so the paint creates pretty patterns! Excess paint will pour off the edge of the canvas. Tilt, tilt, tilt until you create a look you like!

Step 6: Dry it, display it, love it!

It'll take 24 hours to dry completely. In the areas where there is cell enhancer you may see some shiny areas. If you want to get rid of the shine, take a cotton bud soaked in rubbing alcohol to the area. 

Hang your glorious creation!

Finally, step back and admire your wonderful artistry!


Shereena's Top Tips

You can use this method on a range of surfaces - not just canvases! You can decorate furniture, or any surface that Fusion sticks to. A horizontal surface is recommended for best application, as pouring resin is self-levelling. But I have seen it used on all sorts of things to great effect!

You may notice from the video that this is a very forgiving technique, and you can switch it up depending on what your going for with your final look! You can add all the colours at once as per my step-by-step guide, or you can one colour, spread it, tilt it and then add the next colour and repeat - have a play around!

This fun technique is something the whole family can get involved with - kids love it! So what are you waiting for? Get pouring and let me know what you have created!





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