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The easy peasy way to blend Dixie Belle Paint - Guest blog

The easy peasy way to blend Dixie Belle Paint - Guest blog

There are a many ways to do a blended finish with Dixie Belle Paint. This is just one of many techniques you could try. This look is not perfectly refined but rather a rough blend to create a subtle mottled effect.

Written by my friend and guest blogger Connie Clark from Faff Designs.

For this you will need:

First, spritz a little water directly onto your prepped furniture – not too much. You don’t want the piece dripping wet, just enough to allow the paint to retain its fluidity. Then paint on your colours using an individual brush for each colour but don’t be tempted to mix or blend them at this stage. It doesn’t have to be perfect! Be generous with the paint. You don’t want it to dry before you’ve had chance to blend!


 Next spritz the paint with your mister bottle again then take your damp natural palm wax and paint brush and working from light to dark, top to bottom


Swirl your brush through the colours, blending the lines between them. Once you’re happy with the blend move onto the next colour and swirl through. Repeat until you reach the darkest colour.


Top tips!

Don’t be tempted to overwork the paint!

As the palm brush has natural bristles, it will absorb some water. Keep your
mister bottle handy for a quick spritz if this happens!

Don’t be tempted to go back to lighter colours once you have a darker colour
on your palm brush.

Avoid using too much force, just swirl the paint lightly.
The warmer the temperature, the quicker the paint will dry. Work quickly to avoid this from happening or wait until the temperature drops – evenings are
fab for this!


Don’t worry if you miss a part or aren’t totally happy with the result first time.
The first coat always looks a bit patchy but the second coat should rectify this. The most important part of this process is to have fun and embrace the quirks!

Written by guest blogger Connie Clark from Faff Designs.

To see what Connie gets upto check out the Faff Designs platforms




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