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Free UK Shipping Over £65 Use Code: FREESHIP65 ---- We Ship To Europe Too!

Silk All In One Mineral Paint 473ml - Dixie Belle Paint


silk all in One mineral paint, by Dixie Belle Paint Company. A new line of furniture paint, revolutionary LUXE look and feel furniture paint with a soft low sheen finish. A built in stain blocker and primer, a built in top coat, UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant and no VOC's. 

Available in 20 brand new colours In soft cool tones based around 'The hamptons'. Your furniture will stay looking fresh for longer compared to other paints because of the proprietary additives that create a harder stronger layer. protecting your furniture surfaces from grease, stains water and even outdoor mildew. Yes you CAN use Silk all in one outdoors! You can clean off your newly painted surfaces easily and even scrub after the 21 days cure time.

How To Use Silk All In One Mineral Paint

All surfaces should be properly prepared and cleaned with a strong degreasing cleaning solution such as our best selling cleaner Grime Cutter. Rinse well and allow to dry. Scuff sand glossy surfaces.

  • Silk can  also be used as a primer, ie if you wanted to over paint with Dixie Belles Chalk Paint. For instance woods that contain tannins, two primer coats of Silk is required for extra bleeders and heavily stained areas.
  • The perfect temperature to use Silk All-In-One is between 10-32°C.
  • It is not recommended to thin Silk All-In-One it does not react to water like Dixie Belles Chalk mineral paint. Avoid using any water with Silk as may effect performance  
  • Apply with a soft synthetic brush like Dixie Belle Mini Brushes.
  • Ensure the brush is dry don't use a damp brush 
  • Apply using long brush strokes avoid overworking don't paint back and forth
  • If using a sprayer and thinning is required, thin with water at a rate of no more than 10%
  • Darker colours sometimes require additional dry time between coats. Cooler temperatures or higher humidity may prolong drying time. 
  • Apply 2 coats of silk 
  • Should not be mixed with Dixie Belle Chalk Paint but can be layered when paints have dried. 
  • Touch Dry within 45 Mins. Cure Time is 21 days

Can you use any other Dixie Belle Products with Silk?

Yes you can! All of the accessories from the Dixie Belle Range work great with silk. If you would like to change the sheen level of silk to be mat for example apply Dixie Belle Top coats in Flat. Or to ramp up the sheen level apply Gloss.