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Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint is a superb chalk and mineral based paint that is echo friendly high coverage and super easy to work with furniture chalk mineral paint. Enables the painter to create beautiful painted furniture. Smooth, blended or playful.  

Dixie Belle Chalk & Mineral Paint has a unique chalk and mineral content with deep rich pigments in over 69 colours plus  stunning  Dixie Belle Moonshine Metallics and a ton of fun and fancy accents designed to make furniture painting easy and fun.


*Clean your furniture really really well and ensure you remove the cleaning solution residue too! (Shereena recommends Grime Cutter our best selling furniture cleaner)

*Light Scuff sand for wooden /varnished surfaces. For difficult to paint surfaces such as laminate apply Dixie Belle slick stick or Dixie Belle BOSS Stain Blocker for prone to bleeding surfaces  and paint away 


Dixie Belle Paint has a full line up of  essential accessories, glazes, metallics, patinas, stains, waxes and top coats providing you the painter, with everything you need from beginning to end! 

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