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Dixie Belle Paint - Shop All Of The Colours

The long awaited Dixie Belle Paint here at Shabby Nook!
Dixie Belle was born out of the belief that creating beautiful timeless pieces should be easy and fun. Dixie Belle Paint has a unique chalk and mineral blend with adhesive qualities designed to eliminate the need to sand, prime or prep. Just choose your favourite colour, clean your furniture, ( Shereena recommends Grime Cutter our no1 selling furniture cleaner ) and paint away!
No Sanding
No Priming 
No Sealing 
    Dixie Belle has over over 60 paint colours, a full line up of  essential accessories, glazes, metallics, patinas, stains, waxes and top coats




    Middle sized pots size 16oz now available

    Pre Order - 8oz and 32oz sizes - due Mid Nov

    Theres a huge range of accents, finishes and fun painty things that we are now instock and some are still on pre order, but delivery delay is minimal. we are still building our stock levels for this range but hope to be fully stocked in all sizes and products by the end of the December.