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Day Dream Apothecary Paint UK - Shabby Nook

Day Dream Paint is here in the UK and we as so excited to bring you this new line of dreamy paint. Neon furniture paint, curated collections with artists and unshakable values that align with our own.

You might say "A dream come true". 


Day Dream Apothecary Paint UK - Chloe Kempster

So what is Day Dream Apothecary Paint? And how does it compare to other furniture paints?


Well, its only the most vibrant paint on the planet! ...The paint formula has clay and chalk like paint properties, zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be reconstituted with water, (once the paint is dry you can reactivate it) and blends beautifully with other brands and colours.

Daydream Apothecary is a US paint which we have imported into the UK as there isn't another paint this this in the current UK market! We have been watching from the side lines and couldn't wait to bring you this new artistic furniture paint.

Day Dream is about way more than just paint (although the paint is pretty epic, too, if you ask us). Instead, the company is about finding raw, beautiful talent and recognising those who aren’t afraid to hustle.

And a better paint company when partnered with creative, edgy artists – well-known or not so much – who inspire us to be bold and take risks in our journey to create truly amazing paint for our projects.

Day Dream work with selected artists that are unique in style and bold with colour to curate collections that shout out the artists vibe and swank. 

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