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Free Shipping UK shipping on paint orders over £65! use code: FREESHIP65

Crackle - Dixie Belle Paint Finishes


Crackle is perfect for that Cracked, Aged Effect! Just like how the blazing Southern Sun can crackle lines in the desert sands....Dixie Belle Crackle will create lines of crackle in anything you want to look aged.  


Apply one coat of Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint of any colour. (This will be the colour of the cracks), to a properly cleaned surface.  (Please clean with our Grime Cutter )

If natural wood is desired, apply 1 coat Clear Coat and let dry completely.  

Stir Dixie Belle Crackle and apply.  Do not thin the crackle medium.

The thicker the application the larger the cracks.  Use a cross-hatch brush stroke to create erratic and wide cracks.

Do not back brush; this will disturb the cracking process.  Allow crackle to dry completely anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight.

Apply a top coat of any Dixie Belle Paint colour.  The cracking process begins as the paint dries.

Let dry completely for 24 hours.  Ensure you seal your crackle effect with a clear top coat.