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Anissa Perry Artist Curator At Daydream Apothecary

Anissa Perry Artist Curator At Daydream Apothecary
Daydream Apothecary is psyched to partner with Anissa Perry, an artist who believes the most beautiful moments in life are born out of chaos. 
Anissa thrives on the rush of feeling her way through the dark toward bright surprises — the messy excitement of brush meeting canvas.
As a mom to four boys, Anissa knows a lot about wild, limitless love and never shying away from a challenge.
Her journey as an artist started as an escape from a dead-end college degree, grew from the stress of motherhood, and blossomed from the complicated relationships that gave her an invaluable life perspective. Today, she has converted those experiences into Anissa Marie Collective— a thriving art business focused on original canvas art and painted furniture creations — and as co-owner of Bubblegum Yum, an artisan print business. 
Inside her sunshine-filled studio in Spring Hill, Kansas, Anissa brings her favorite subjects to life on canvas, often focused on the power of women, the innocence of children, and the occasional horse or furry friend. Using her signature bold, sunset colours, she paints to empower herself and others to dream bigger and never stop making waves.
Anissa is an artist, mother, sister (a twin!), daughter, and friend — and she’s not afraid to get a little messy.

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