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Fusion Mineral Paint 9 Colour Release Autumn / Fall 2022

Fusion Mineral Paint Release New Colours Autumn 2022

Continuing and connecting to the whimsical, fairy tale launch of last summer. This launch is the dark side of that fairy tale. Fusion rich dark and moody release with strong bold tones pulling through is sure to be a top hit with the UK.  

Dreaming about your next project? Incapsulating new shades to enjoy.. it's time to paint it beautiful.  

Let's take a closer look at the new Fusion Colour release" 

 Elderberry _fusion_new_colours_shabby_nook_2022

Elderberry a vibrant yet sophisticated delicious purple, this shade brings a moody and calculated drop of colour into any space


Fusion Mineral Paint Highlander:


Highlander wrap up in the warmth of this luxurious neutral. Soft and elegant, this shade offers a slight cream undertone.


Fusion Mineral Paint Conservatory:

Conservatory fusion new colour

Conservatory just as its namesake suggests, this mid-tone green is inspired by nature and overflowing with colour, classically elegant to give energy to any space.


Fusion Mineral Paint Willowbank:


Willowbank a deep rich classic navy with a vibrant twist, perfect for creating a dark and moody space with its dark tone.


Fusion Mineral Paint Manor Green:

Manor Green_fusion_new_colours_shabby_nook_2022

Manor Green an opulent, deep green that will be loved for centuries more. This saturated shade leans confidently into its black undertones. This almost black green has very subtle nuances that make all the difference when adding depth and mood to your space. 


Fusion Mineral Paint Oakham:

Oakham _fusion_new_colours_shabby_nook_2022

Oakham this rich dark colour is rooted grey, yet balanced equally with warm brown undertones. This complex shade is bound to make its way into the foundation of any colour palette.


Fusion Mineral Paint Everett:

Everett _fusion_new_colours_shabby_nook_2022

Everett one of our most complex colours with multiple undertones, this aged and weathered olive green radiates bronze undertones. This colour is earthy and grounding for sure to be a staple colour in any home.


Fusion Mineral Paint Winchester:

Winchester _fusion_new_colours_shabby_nook_2022

Winchester this deep colour is rich and confident, a baroque-inspired shade that will leave you mesmerised by it's enduring character. 


Fusion Mineral Paint Chestler:


Chestler a deep rich classic navy with a vibrant twist, perfect for creating a dark and moody space with its dark tone.

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