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Discontinued Dixie Belle Alternative Brands Informational Page

We no longer stock Dixie Belle paint and accessories. But would like to point you to some great alternatives. 

There are many reasons we decided to no longer be a stockist of this brand, but mainly, we wanted to bring in a well established British brand, and felt that there would no longer be a need for Dixie Belle if we made this change. Here are some great alternatives and solutions for your DB favourites listed below. 

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Annie Sloan - A wonderful range of traditional chalk paint and accessories as well as their modern satin paint which has recently launched. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is a creative paint that is a great alternative to Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint.

Dixie Belle Accents & Accessories

Annie Sloan Accessories & Fusion Mineral Paint Accents - We are still growing our range of accents and finishes in the Annie Sloan, but will eventually have them all. We carry all of Fusion accents and accessories, between Annie Sloan and Fusion, most of the Dixie Belle Accents and Accessories will be covered. 

Dixie Belle Bright Colours

Daydream Apothecary Chalk & Clay Furniture Paint - super colourful super bright, perfect for replacing the bright colours of Dixie Belle. The brushes are fab too. 

Silk All In One Mineral Paint 

Annie Sloan Satin Paint is a smooth low lustre paint which is a great alternative for  silk all in one mineral paint by Dixie Belle. 

Dixie Belle topcoats & Gatorhide

Daydream Dreamcoat & General finishes high performance top coats - a great alternative for Dixie Belle topcoats & Gatorhide

Dixie Belle BOSS & Slick Stick

For stain blocking and difficult surfaces we have recently bought in Blockade by Smith & Rodger. A superb stain blocking solution that really does work, containing shellac but easier to use than other alternatives on the market this will take care of tannins and alike. Also available in a spray can - great for detailed carvings and hard to reach areas.  

We also have Barrettine knotting solutions for more spot treatments and wood knot problems. 

Ultra grip by Fusion Mineral Paint - great for tricky to stick too surfaces. such as plastic / MDF wrapped / laminate type surfaces. 

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