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How to do ombre paint on furniture

A fun way to dress your furniture with a punch of colour and creativity is the ombre finish. With milk paint it’s so easy to do! This technique can be used on walls, canvases or other furniture pieces.


Products used:

  1. Fusion Milk Paint - In this example we used toasted coconut, gotham grey and millennial pink.
  2. Fusion wax
  3. Natural bristle wax brush

How it's done

Mix your milk paint 1 part milk paint with 1 part water and apply your first layer of colours in separated sections on to your surface. Make sure the wood is fully covered by only 1 of the colours before we start blending

It’s a lot easier to apply the paint on a flat surface, but be careful not to allow the paint run off the edges. A good tip would be to allow your paint brush to soak in the paint and wipe off the excess on the rim of the container.

Remember to apply the paint in long strands from end to end for a smooth flawless finish.

Leave the paint to dry for 20-30 minutes.

Now you’re ready for the second coat which is where you start to blend the colours together. Keep one side of the brush with the darker colour and the other side with the lighter colour and keep the brush strokes the same direction as before.

Take a mister to keep the paint activated.

Use a clean brush for each colour blend and move onto the next 2 colours, using the same paint technique as before - brushing in the same direction and applying each shade to a  different side of the brush.

Pass the light grit sand paper over your painted furniture once it has had time to dry (roughly 30 minutes). This is to make the surface smooth to the touch.

Apply the fusion furniture wax for a soft satin sheen finish. Using the natural bristle wax brush, apply the wax in a circular motion and remove the access with a lint free cloth.


There are so many other looks that you can achieve using milk paint!

Download the free PDF guide to preview the full Milk Paint by Fusion colour range as well as lots of information on how to prep the paint for different looks!


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