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Shabby Nook's Professionally Hand Painted Kitchens

We are professional kitchen and furniture painters specialising in hand painted kitchens, custom painted furniture and decorative accents in the home such as fire surrounds. Based in and around our home town of Burton Upon Trent but also cover neighbouring areas such as Derby, Ashby, Lichfield, North/South Derbyshire etc.
Improve the look of your room without the expensive cost of having a  Brand new replacement kitchen fitted which can range from £7,500 up to £50,0000!!!!!
Homeowners should consider having existing cabinets painted rather than investing in brand new ones.
If the existing layout of the cabinets is workable and no more space is required, refinishing may be the best option
 If the current hardware is in good condition, it should be cleaned so that it doesn't detract from the look of the cabinets. Hardware can add dramatic results to any kitchen and updating it at the same time as painting the cabinets can have a dramatic effect.
When the refinishing is done right, it will give the kitchen a whole new style, adding value and desirability to your home. If your existing cabinets are solid wood, painting is usually the most cost effective process. Only around 20% of the cost of a new replacement wooden kitchen.
We only use the highest quality materials and use product knowledge to recommend the best solutions for your kitchen. We know a thing or two as we also sell the products we use.

Cabinets, Islands & more.......

Whether you are undergoing  a new build home, or updating an existing space we would love help. We can bring a scheme together by updating your fire surrounds, internal fitted furniture  or transform those boring outdated cabinets that you have been wanting to change.
We will visit you at your home and discuss colours to match features such as tile back splash & counter tops. Colour schemes to fit in with existing decor or help you to come up with a completely new look for your home. 
Contact Shereena to arrange a free home consultation to discuss your requirements. We are more than happy to work with contractors on newly installed wooden kitchens, and home remodels. 
We can hand-paint finish any wooden cabinets as well as laminates and MDF Kitchens. If your looking for a cost effective solution with no compromise on quality and to fall back in love with your home once again, we can make that happen!  
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A Word Of Caution
Kitchen cabinet refinishing requires a lot of knowledge and skill. If you've found someone that's a furniture painter or decorator this doesn't mean they are kitchen painters, a different level of skill is required for a quality finish. Ask for references of previous kitchens and ask about the terms of the contract and guarantee. You want your cabinets to look as good as the day they were painted for years to come and you will only achieve that but choosing quality products and skilled cabinet painters. 
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   This is a 40 year old Kitchen!!! We refinished in eggshell with new handles

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