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Fusion Mineral Paint Price Increases April 2023 - UK

From the 15th April 2023 there are price increases across the Fusion Mineral Paint Range. Not all products have increased but the majority have. Like all product manufactures the costs of raw materials and energy continue to rise. Price rises have been held off by Fusion Mineral Paint and the UK distributer as long as possible. 

We will hold current prices until we have to replace our stock levels.

Fusion Mineral Paint price raises are in line if not lower than some of the other price increases we have seen with other brands. Some examples of the main product price rises are listed below. 

Product  RRP April 2023 Old RRP
Paint 500ml 26.95 23.99
Paint 37ml 5.99 4.99
Stain & Finish Oil  22.99 25.99
Ultra Grip 250 14.99 15.99
Ultra Grip 500 21.99 24.99
bees wax blend  15.99 18.99
metallic paint 250 ml  20.99 22.99
metallic paint 27ml 9.99 10.99
Pouring resin 22.99 24.99
Tough Coat 21.95 23.99
hemp oil 500ml 19.99 23.99

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