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Fusion Mineral Paint New Colour Release! Introducing 11 New Colours!

Fusion Mineral Paint New Colour Release! Introducing 11 New Colours! 

Fusion have curated a collection of 11 new colours for summer 2021!

The inspiration behind these beautiful new furniture paint colours is romance of the rolling countryside. Fusion Mineral Paints new colours evoke whimsy and serenity, soft and muted. Also warm and cool – these shades work in harmony together or on their own.


Dreaming about your next project? Enchanting new shades to enjoy.. it's time to paint it beautiful.  

So when can you order? Now! All colours now instock and ready to go!

Fusion Mineral Paint Blue Pine:


A versatile blue-green has a grey tint, making it the perfect choice for a bold statement on its own or as a neutral foundation within any room.

Pair with:

  • Victorian Lace for a warm, relaxed look
  • Fort York Red for a pop of contrast
When compared to our other blues, it’s softer and more muted. Looking at our Champness a pure blue tone on the left, it’s darker and more grey. When compared to Homestead Blue on the right, it’s lighter and less intense, really showing off it’s gray tone while still offering depth.
Fusion Mineral Paint Cashmere:

Cashmere fusion mineral paint shabby nook

Wrap up in the warmth of this luxurious neutral. Soft and elegant, this shade offers a slight cream undertone.

Pair with:

  • Paisley for an unexpected sense of playfulness
  • Damask for a luxe look
When compared to our other neutral off whites,
Directly compared to our Lamp white on the left you can really see the cream undertone, however when compared to Champlain on the right, it’s much more subdued and soft, leaning more towards a neutral slightly grey undertone. This gorgeous neutral is bound to be a pillar colour in your home decor.
Fusion Mineral Paint Rose Water:

Rose Water Fusion Mineral Paint Shabby Nook

Neutral pink inspired by droplets from steeped rose petals. Delicate and modern, this shade is stylish in any space.

Pair with:

  • Cobblestone for a timeless feel
  • Victorian Lace for a purely glamorous look
Rose Water really is unique, unlike our other two pinks in our range you can see when compared with our light pink Peony on the left, it takes on a completely different tone, with a softer almost blush pink, whereas when compared to Damask on the right, it’s a lighter and purer looking, A gorgeous sophisticated pink.
Fusion Mineral Paint Eucalyptus:

Eucalyptus fusion mineral paint shabby nook

Muted green with undertones of grey, this shade is calming and serene.

Pair with:

  • Raw Silk for a calm, serene space
  • Lamp White for a perfect neutral pairing with depth
This colour plays on the blue tones of the natural eucalyptus plant. We can really see this when compared to Bedford on the left, Lichen on the right.
Fusion Mineral Paint Mist:


Playful and charming, this periwinkle brings a cheerful pop of colour to any room.

Pair with:

  • Casement for a refined yet effortless look
  • Lamp White for added sophistication
Mist is unlike any other colour in our range. Fun, pure and inspiring. This light periwinkle really shows it’s purple undertone when compared to our soft light blue Little Whale on the left, and shows its pure vibrancy when compared to our Casement white on the right. Mist is bound to make a statement in your home.
Fusion Mineral Paint Cobblestone:


This warm grey is inspired by winding cobblestone roads – equal parts romantic and sophisticated.

Pair with:

  • Bedford for a truly traditional look
  • Homestead Blue to bring a laid back vibe
This neutral really shows its warmth when compared with our Sterling colour on the Left a pure cool toned grey.
When compared with our creamy neutral, Champlain on the right Cobblestone looks like the perfect warm neutral.
Fusion Mineral Paint Bellwood:


Timeless green with a lush feel. A versatile sage-inspired shade works beautifully with both classic and modern decor.

Pair with:

  • Plaster for a classic feel
  • Cathedral Taupe for a warm, earthy look
The soft sage colour really shows itself when compared to the neutral grey of Little Lamb on the left and Lichen on the right. A perfectly soft and sophisticated sage green, Bellwood will beautifully enhance your space.
Fusion Mineral Paint Hazelwood:

Hazelwood Fusion Mineral Paint Shabby Nook

A deep grey feels both warm and grounding. Use it to create dimension as an accent or to make a dramatic statement.

Pair with:

  • Cashmere for a neutral look
  • Rose Water for a feminine flair
This rich deep warm tone really shows its colour when compared to our cool toned SoapStone on the left and its depth when compared to Little Lamb on the Right. Hazelwood is bound to be your go to deep neutral in your home decor for a sophisticated, yet soft rich look and feel.
Fusion Mineral Paisley:

Paisley Fusion Mineral Paint Shabby Nook

Inspired by the rivers edge that runs through the beautiful town of Paisley, Scotland; this multi tone blue evokes a whimsical feeling.

Pair with:

  • Little Whale for a neutral tone-on-tone backdrop
  • Rose Water for a charming twist
This truly inspiring blue reveals its softness when compared to our more pure and bright Champness on the left. When paired next to a neutral grey on the Right, known as Pebble its shows its cool tone and its depth of colour. Paisley, A beautiful and inspiring shade of blue.
Fusion Mineral Paint Chateau:

Chateau Fusion Mineral Paint Shabby Nook

A grounding neutral inspired by enchanting castle walls. This shade reflects light beautifully and creates an instant feeling of cozy sophistication.

Pair with:

  • Blue Pine for a feeling of whimsy
  • Algonquin for a warm, natural palette
Chateau is a warm neutral grey when compared to our cool tone Lamp white on the left. It shows it neutrality and lightness when compared with Cathedral Taupe on the right Chateau, as beautiful as it sounds.
Fusion Mineral Paint Victorian Lace:
Victorian Lace Fusion Mineral Paint Shabby Nook

Romantic in every way, this multi tone white is perfectly balanced between warm and cool. This shade is inspired by the intricate details of its namesake.

Pair with:

  • Little Lamb for a chic tone-on-tone look
  • Inglenook for added depth
You’ve found the perfect neutral with Victorian Lace. This beautiful off white lends more to the cool side, while still maintaining a crisper white tone. The purity of this colour shows when compared with Lamp White on the left and Raw Silk on the right . Victorian Lace is the perfect neutral tone off white staple for your home decor.

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