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Nooky Gossip 79: Essential Painting Products!

Nooky Gossip 79: Essential Painting Products!
Following up from last week's email - I am very pleased to say I think I have found my Polyvine groove! My customers have been raving about Polyine Wax Finish Varnish for ages and now I am fully onboard the bandwagon! Don't tell anyone but it was a bit of a fluke finding my own way to make it work - I used a wet microfibre roller (because it hadn't dried from the day before) and the finish was super smooth and shiny - no sanding required! It looks fab! I finished the drawers and I'm super pleased with how they have turned out! What do you think? Thank you for the lovely feedback from last week's newsletter - I'll be sharing some more projects and top tips soon!
Barrettine Wood Worm Killer Treatment
Barrettine Wood Worm Killer Spray is a low odour formulation for the prevention and eradication of woodboring insects, larvae & eggs. This is an essential product for your toolkit when dealing with dealing with an infestation or to protect uncontaminated wood furniture from wood boring insect attacks. When dry it is harmless to plants and pets. Now available in 2 sizes!
General Finishes Accelerator
General Finishes Accelerator is one of those products that doesn't get spoken about enough - which is strange because it is such an essential piece of kit when painting in cooler and damp weather (like we are experiencing now!) This clever product speeds up the drying and curing time of water-based paints, stains and finishes. Just mix in with your chosen water-based medium and then use as normal. If you're painting in a garage, outbuilding or cooler area - make sure to add this magical product to your kit today!
Look at all these lush new colours from Dixie Belle's All-In-One Silk Mineral Paint range! If you are attending 'An Evening with.... Connie Clarke' on Friday you will get to see a preview of these fab colours during the event!
If you would like to be notified when the new colours are released and available to order at Shabby Nook - click the button below!
This week Nicola Burgess is in the spotlight with this gorgeous grey chest of drawers! They have such a light and airy feel and the neutral tone and natural wood is so calming to look at.
After stripping and prepping the drawers Nicola chose Bedford from Fusion Mineral Paint for her perfect grey colour and left some of the wood exposed to show off the gorgeous grain. She created the pattern on the top drawers using a Botanical silk screen stencil from Belle's and Whistles and the piece was then finished with Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish for added protection and a smooth finish. Thanks for sharing this little stunner with us, Nicola!
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