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Nooky Gossip 52! A Year of Nooky Gossip! NEW Painting Essentials including Polyvine and Barrettine!

Nooky Gossip 52! A Year of Nooky Gossip! NEW Painting Essentials including Polyvine and Barrettine!
Nooky Gossip Turns 1!
On 9th July 2020 we launched our weekly newsletter, Nooky Gossip and throughout the last 12 months we’ve brought you our latest offers, some sneaky behind the scenes content, top tips, trends and, of course, all the goss!

We started with a cheeky Autentico discount for our Nooky Gossipers and we introduced you to some amazing new products like Posh Chalk Artisan Products, Belles and Whistles Transfers, Stencils and Decoupage Rice Papers, Zibra Brushes, Silk All in One Mineral Paint, Fusion Milk Paint, Chameleon Wax, Bombay Duck Homeware, and the list goes on and on!
Shereena’s how tos and top tips have covered a range of different painty topics.

Always wondered how to create your own masterpiece using a Fusion Paint Pour technique? Check out issue 5. ✔

How do you stop those pesky brush strokes when painting in the heat of summer? Nooky Gossip issue 42 is what you need. ✔

Longing for a kitchen makeover but don’t know where to start? Issue 11 covers Shereena’s top kitchen furniture painting tips! ✔

If you’ve missed a newsletter you can catch up with our previous Nooky Gossips in our newsletter archives here.
painting essentials range
This week we welcome a new range of painting essentials to Shabby Nook! The range includes Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish, Polyvine Acrylic Colourant Pigments, Barrettine Wood Worm Killer, Barrettine White SpiritBarrettine Shellac Sanding Sealer, and Prestonett Ready Mixed Wood FillerShabby Nook is now your one stop shop for all your painted furniture needs! For further info on any of these products just click the links above to go through to our website.
One of our favourite things to do is share the fab makeovers from our customers in our ‘In the Spotlight' post – our customers are a really creative bunch! I’d have never thought to paint blinds like Lesley-Jane, or a freezer like Amanda (see below), but seeing what our customers have created makes me think outside the box! Look at this collection of just a small sample of our 'In the Spotlight' posts – they’re amazing!
hand painted furniture designs
Photos showing fab transformations by Amanda Hope, Zdena Billinge, Lesley Pearson, Alison West, Lesley-Jane Carruthers, Sophie Anderson, and Marilyn Davy (clockwise from top left).
For more furniture painting and crafty inspo join our private Facebook Group - Furniture Painting Hub with Shabby Nook! Share your creations, see what our members are up to and get inspired! 
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