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Nooky Gossip 26! Exclusive: Brand New Dixie Belle Starter Kit From Shabby Nook!

Nooky Gossip 26! Exclusive: Brand New Dixie Belle Starter Kit From Shabby Nook!
Dixie Belle Starter Kit
We’ve listened to our customers and following feedback we have pulled together a Dixie Belle Starter Kit! This kit has just want you need to get started on your first paint project! It is also great value for money– making it a fab deal for even the most experienced painters among you!
The starter kit contains:
3 x 8oz pots of Dixie Belle Chalk Paint
It’s worth a total of £142.30 if you were to buy it all separately but we are offering the kit at a fab £130!
There are 6 options when it comes to paint colours – each option has 3 colours that work well together. The colour combos are inspired by a Dixie Belle Brand Ambassador  Brushed by Brandy.
Try out our starter kit by clicking the button below.
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Stunning Sideboard!

Speaking of Dixie Belle products – check out this amazing sideboard by Janette McKay! Janette shared her finished masterpiece in our private Facebook Group. It’s her first completed piece of 2021 - what a great start to the year!
Janette used Driftwood, Stormy Seas, The Gulf, Cotton, French Linen and Caviar on the main piece, then the Dixie Belle Gilding Wax on the handles and Gemstone Mousse in Golden Gem on some of the carvings to attain this look. She loves updating vintage furniture as it’s solid and full of character – and she LOVES the handles you get on these types of pieces!
There is something almost ethereal about the colours and sheen on this one. Whoever gets their hands on this beauty is going to be very lucky, I don’t think it will be around for long!
 For inspiration, top tips and connections with other painty peeps make sure to join our private Facebook Group Furniture Painting Hub – With Shabby Nook today!
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Last Chance

Wednesday 6th January 2021 is your last chance to sign up for Kouki's first course - a 7 Day Challenge to get your website up and running at last! Just some of the benefits of running your own website are
Chance to increase business revenue
Own a professional shop front
Build a know, like and trust factor with your customers
Stand out from your competitors
Steady income opportunities
National and/or global reach
Social media integration
More content to share with your followers
In case you missed Shereena's live on why to sell through your own website rather than exclusively selling platforms like Etsy - watch this video!
The course will run from 11th January 2021 - 17th January 2021.
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Price Update

Due to the increase in the cost of raw materials Dixie Belle Paint Company have increased the price of some of their products. These price changes take place with immediate effect. We have updated the prices on our website accordingly. We have received confirmation from Fusion Mineral Paint that they will be absorbing the raw materials cost increase themselves, and they will not be increasing their prices in 2021. If there are any further updates we will let you know.


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