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Paint Brand Wars, it's a thing! But not for us and here's why....

Paint Brand Wars, it's a thing! But not for us and here's why....

The world of furniture painting has become a confusing place, as more and more brands come to the market is too much choice a good thing?

Fellow painting  enthusiasts find themselves asking opinions in Facebook groups which then leads to brand stockists entering the ring to fight it out wrestle mania style to win the customer over. Hugggggh enough already!

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I myself retail many brands of paint, as well as accessories that compliment them from other industry brands. I like choice, I like to have the facts and I like to think I educate customers well enough to make an informed decision when deciding what product is right for them and the project in mind. 

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You will probably have a core fav and then pick and choose products from other brands which its perfectly OK! It OK to flip between brands to suit the needs of your project.

Brand loyalty too often gets in the way of making the right decision for your skill set, the style and the needs of the furniture. Do your research and make an informed decision, ask questions and try a few different brands, part of the process of learning to paint well is knowing what types of paint do what... You will soon be on your way to finding your painting groove!

Want to see what brands we offer? Well its few so here goes:

Fusion Mineral Paint, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, General Finishes, Autentico, Dixie Belle Paint, Cling on, Staalmeester, Redesign with Prima, Posh Chalk, WooduBend, Whitson's, Art Philosophy, Syn-Pro, Poly-Gen.  



Here's a peek of me recently finding my paint groove It wandered off for a wee while whilst my head was locked into business mode and doing a pivot as such but guess what! As soon as I had clarity and made some firm decisions, my need to be creative returned. I have used every brand we sell! 

Looking forward to sharing more of my thoughts, if I find my blog groove! ;)

(hmmm working progress very muchly)

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  • What do you mix the posh chalk pigments with to stencil. Thanks,


    - Janet Kathleen Francis

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