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New work space! A furniture painters dream studio.... well once it's had a makeover

New work space! A furniture painters dream studio.... well once it's had a makeover
Back to work today after have the most relaxing few days away. But have the boy off poorly so has turned into a fine juggling act!
We have the keys to the new unit  located on Hawkins Lane in Burton On Trent. Scratching our heads, plotting and planning as to how best to use the space and give it some much needed TLC. Its presenting us with some challenges thats for sure!
But also means that I have a designated space and set up for custom painting work. Talking of which, I've taken delivery of a clients furniture this morning ready to be transformed. Its going to look fab! A cute drinks cabinet and children's bedroom furniture.
Now I have a great space to work in thats got a very large roller door, allowing me to spray furniture... or rather ....chairs! Every furniture painters nemesis. Off to buy my compressor and set up this afternoon perfect timing for the much needed paint job on the outside and inside of the new unit.
And Finally! We will be starting our workshops again hopefully by the end of the year, but also some fab social demonstration evenings/events as well! Having been to a few myself they are great fun, and would love to provide something similar for you guys.
Its going to be a busy 4th quarter getting all the elements lined up and in place but you know me! I do like to keep things busy and thrive in the chaos that comes as we continue to grow in different directions!
Talking of growing... we are bring in the amazing Dixie Belle Paint!! Yes we are one of the first UK stockists to bring this amazing chalk and mineral paint to you guys! 
Canna wait to get my hands on it!
Much Love,

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