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Free UK Shipping Over £65 Use Code: FREESHIP65 ---- We Ship To Europe Too!

WoodUbend Decorative Wooden Moulding - 0380 - Central Flourish 16.6x2.8cm


Wood U Bend Wooden decorative mouldings -  0380 - Central Flourish Size 16.6x2.8cm. Transform and embellish your furniture painting projects, home decor and crafting with unique appliques.Wood U Bend wooden mouldings will adhere to almost any surface with a good quality wood glue.

Heat them up and watch em flex! will mould to the shape you need them to be, bend, mould, flex, cut, trim and stick! Woodubends appear as though they have always been there on your furniture and projects.  

Wood U Bend mouldings have all the properties of wood so they can be drilled, stained, painted, sanded & varnished, but unlike wood, they are extremely lightweight. Woodubend mouldings are made of a wood pulp product based on sawdust that when mixed with other, eco-friendly components, it becomes a paste. Initially, it is placed in metal forming moulds and pressed in a thermal press. After 48 hours, it is demoulded resulting in a sturdy object, which is treated as wood.

*Please handle with care they are delicate! We do not accept liability for any mishandling of woodubends*.

But! The good news is they are super easy to fix! Warm them up apply glue hold together until set and da dah