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Free UK Shipping Over £65 Use Code: FREESHIP65 ---- We Ship To Europe Too!

General Finishes Antique Cherry water based wood stain 473ml


General Finishes Water Based Wood Stains are formulated to provide workability similar to oil-based stains. They spread easily, can be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time. The thicker formula of these wood stains allows for controlled penetration, and their high-quality pigments produce rich, dark, uniform colors on hard-to-stain woods like maple and pine. Low odor, low VOC, water cleanup and noncombustible.

Hand-Application over Raw Wood:

    • Apply a LIBERAL amount of stain to ensure easy workability using a synthetic bristle brush, foam brush, pad applicator or roller. If not enough stain is used, the surface may dry too quickly, causing an uneven appearance. On large projects, leave a wet edge between sections to prevent lap lines.
    • Stain a complete section and wipe off the excess evenly with the grain using quality paper towel or absorbent cotton open weave cloth or terry cloth. Check for missed spots and lap marks before moving to the next section. Do NOT use cotton t-shirts to wipe away stain because they will "push" the stain around and not absorb it.
    • Pull excess stain out of corners and details with a synthetic bristle brush.
    • Immediately correct lap marks by rewetting the entire working area with stain and wiping off the excess.
    • Let the stain dry 2+ hours in ideal conditions: 50-70% humidity, 70*F/20*C before adding a second coat (optional) and before adding topcoat. Be sure to allow adequate dry time. If in doubt, wait longer. Increase dry time if: 
      • Humidity is over 80%
      • 3+ coats are applied (not recommended)
      • Thick coats are applied
      • To accelerate dry time in humid conditions, add General Finishes Accelerator before applying and work in a space with good ventilation and air movement. If you decide to re-coat before the recommended time, test dryness. 
Coats 1+ coats
Application Method Brush, Spray
Brushable Yes
Usable over existing finishes Yes - see product page application instructions.
Sprayable Yes
Spray Tip Sizes HVLP 1.1mm-1.3mm
Dry Time - Touch Raw Wood (30+ min.), Existing Finish (1+ hr)
Dry Time - Recoat 2+ hr
Can Sizes Pints, Quarts, Gallons
Coverage 50-75 sq.ft./pint, 100-150 sq.ft./quart, 400-600 sq.ft./gallon