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Free Shipping UK shipping on paint orders over £65! use code: FREESHIP65

How To With Vintro

1. Clean your surfaces thoroughly with sugar soap or Shabby Nooks outstanding cleaner Uni9 Grime Cutter all polishes dirt, nicotine and grime need to be removed. No sanding required but this is down to your personal preference.

If painting a wall, remove dust and any flaking paint/paper  Mask off surfaces you don’t want to paint with a good quality masking tape. 

2. When you open the tin, your Vintro Chalk Paint® can appear thick especially when you are used to painting with Gloss or Emulsion paints, however, you will see once you begin stirring the paint that it magically thins.  If you feel the paint is still too thick, try adding a bit of water ie. a teaspoon at a time until you get desired thickness or dipping the tip of your paintbrush into a cup of water and then the paint before each brushstroke, which is dependent upon the decorative look you are trying to achieve.  Here at Vintro we use a clean old metal spoon which can be washed and used again, but you can use a paint stirrer.

3. Now you are ready to start painting.  If it is your first paint project on a piece of furniture, we recommend starting either on the back or the back legs and then move to more visible areas once you get a “feel” for the paint.  Vintro Chalk Paint® is very forgiving.

4. Once you have applied your first coat, leave to dry for up to 2 hours between coats (depending on the temperature of the working area), then apply a second coat if needed.  If you wish to achieve two tone distressed effect, paint with a co-ordinating colour for second coat.  
Wrap your paintbrush in clingfilm between coats to stop it drying out and wash with warm soapy water after the final coat.

5. Once the last coat of paint is dry you can now give your painted piece a distressed look if you want and/or wax/lacquer.