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Why I decided to bring back Bombay Duck London home & gifts

Bombay Duck London. Excites me.....Yup I am so excited to not only be the owner of some wonderfully unique homeware, but I’m now retailing it too!  I think you’ll love it and neeeeeed it for your home just as much as I did!

Bombay Duck London is a beautiful range of home décor accessories and gifts. Produced by a lovely and fun company who carefully produce each and every item from its quality to its design, which makes the products that they sell completely unique. 

We used to stock this amazing range back in the days of the shop when we sold alot of homeware and gifts and was a hit back then! I just knew I would come back to them one day. 

What attracts me to Bombay Duck is their values and dedication to making a difference by supporting Indian communities. The first concept of Bombay Duck came when its founder had an "ahah" moment whilst working for Liberty. Seeing the huge potential in India’s skills and crafts marrying them with a modern edge approach for our western homes. The craftsmen’s talent and connection with their materials is what inspired the founder to shape Bombay Duck into what it is today.

Much like Shabby Nook, Bombay Duck London homeware accessories and gifts are all about happiness, colour, authenticity and being hand-crafted.

You won’t find their range of products anywhere else! As they design their own collection. I love how their unique designs compliment painted furniture and restoration projects. Just another way to add some va va voom and quality to your upcycled furniture.

Here are just some of the products we have now online for you…

Bombay Duck London Homeware and Gifts Shabby Nook


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