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Free Shipping UK shipping on paint orders over £65! use code: FREESHIP65

B O S S - Stain Blocker - Dixie Belle Paint Company


Dixie Belle Paint Company's BOSS is now in the UK and available to order from Shabby Nook!

Blocks Odour, Stains, Stops Bleed thru

Available in Clear and White

Blocks anything from bleeding through, stains and more. Use to seal in nasty odours. smooth and easy to apply!


To use:

ensure you have throughly cleaned your furniture prior we recommend our famous GRIME CUTTER! Alllow to dry, if the wooden surface is glossy lightly Sand before applying. Apply 1 coat with a brush or roller allow to dry for 1 hour (depending on humidity).  Apply a second coat of BOSS and allow to dry.  Wait 1 hour, then paint away!

TIP! Did you know you can use this stain blocker with other water based paints? Such as our FUSiON MINERAL PAINT 


Clean up using soap and water!!!!!

WARNING: Harmful if swallowed; keep away from eyes and children.